Lift + Lesson + Rental Packages

Ski or Snowboard Lift Packages

Lift Packages + Lessons + Rentals: We offer all inclusive lift packages where you save up to $35 over purchasing each separately. Includes either an All Area Ticket or Beginner Area Ticket, 1.5 hour Group Lesson and Rental Package. For skiers or snowboarders, ages 7+.

First Timer Package, available Weekends and Holidays at 9:00am,  includes an Beginner Area Ticket, 1 hour Group Lesson and Rental Package.  For skiers and snowboarders, ages 7+.

Package Weekend | Holiday* Mon | Wed | Fri (non-holiday)
Beginner Package**

Regular Package

First Timer Package**

$70 SAVE $30

$85 SAVE $35

$65 SAVE $35

$60 SAVE $20

$70 SAVE $10











**Beginner Package is restricted to the Magic Carpet and the Schoolhouse Lift.

For Holiday Periods, visit Hours of Operation